The most rewarding having a great nomad: eight gifts of your own Kazakhs

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The most rewarding having a great nomad: eight gifts of your own Kazakhs

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The most rewarding having a great nomad: eight gifts of your own Kazakhs

The thought of “Jety Kazyna” – 7 Gifts holds a special place in the new ideology of your own Kazakh someone.

You could potentially disregard the signs and you can quantity, but this doesn’t make magical characteristics any faster, you can not even imagine the the law of gravity of their command over this new destiny men and women. For quite some time, in several nations, the number “seven” is thought happy and you may over, lively and higher spirituality. A lot of things inside religions and you will kazakh viewpoints of the people, during the ways and you can research, into the vocabulary and you will culture was linked to it.

The clear presence of the fresh seven are sensed at each and every step up the world around us. Contemplate, seven magic worldwide, eight very first cards in tunes, seven color of your own rainbow, 1 week of week, etc.

Kazakh anybody along with affiliate the amount seven having a lot of titles. (Jeti Yrys – Seven Lucks, Sprinkle і Jargy – a great Corpus out-of Kazakh Conventional Laws mainly based by Tauke Khan for the 17 th 100 years, Spraying і Galam – 7 Galaxies, Sprinkle і Ata – Seven Generations).

However, an alternate put in new ideology away from Kazakh anybody is actually filled of the thought of “Jety Kazyna” – Eight Secrets. Of the cost some body mean new 7 needed parts of life of a bona fide person: maleness away from an earlier boy, a pleasant and you may practical spouse, a simple-footed horse, a looking golden eagle, a loyal Kazakhstan pet called the Tazy (Central Western greyhound) breed, an effective firearms, and you may comprehensive knowledge. With the help of our seven gifts lifetime seems done and you will happier.


As to the reasons the initial part of “Spraying і Kazyna” was “an earlier guy”? This might be told me by the fact that a man try always the head from Kazakh household, nomads, he was an earner, an effective breadwinner, a protector of one’s clan. Given that Kazakhs state, a sensible lady (wife) will bring riches to your family members. The task away from a spouse isn’t only to keep new loved ones fireplace, but also so you can smartly allocate this new partner’s prey to avoid a condition when “feast now and you may punctual tomorrow”. Moreover, it is to a lady to carry upwards pupils worthwhile of the dad. Your mind of your own nearest and dearest will not talk about the kids – they are always at work, operating to your his pony, browse. The caretaker shows students so you can regard its father, to look at their deeds, and also to study on your. That’s why a pleasant companion regarding lifestyle will likely be in respect to help you “Jeti Kazyna” legendary culture – a smart girl. This really is true happiness.

By the way parents when you look at the Kazakhstan instruct kids for the prerequisite knowing its forefathers around the new 7th age group. Eight again! Kazakhs have this “unwritten laws” “Jeti Ata” (Seven Years) that is nonetheless becoming enacted over away from generation to generation. Typically, Kazakhs have always been resistant to the marriage ranging from members of the family the new kinship wedding. For having a healthier age group and to avoid hereditary ailment, it is taboo as related to individuals doing the seventh generation. Today, a top risk of mental or any other sickness in kids created inside marriages ranging from intimate family members might have been scientifically proven. Our very own ancestors acted so naturally!

Around three family members of ‘jigit’ (a young man)

Three far more treasures out-of a bona-fide kid from the thought of nomads was three loyal friends of one’s ‘jigit’: a fast-footed horse, good tazy (greyhound), a shopping wonderful eagle. Exactly what you can expect to men score together with his bare hands? An organic predator, like the wonderful eagle, is able to rating hares, foxes, plus wolves!

Moreover, this new Kazakhs considered that the house, where a fantastic eagle physical lives, is often shielded from evil. Therefore, the fresh wings, feathers, and you can paws for the bird were strung to the an honorable place or above the direct of the cradle. It absolutely was thought that the brand new sacred bird handles up against the worst attention and you may any destroy, kind of functions as a talisman.

Tazy, a greyhound, has also been a faithful friend in the bing search. It is thought that towards the wealth regarding tazy canines, wide range and you can glee can be found in our house. Nomads grabbed proper care of puppies while the birth, educated him or her and in case the new canines were in a position, they certainly were put out back to the fresh crazy close to its master to help you let him when you look at the search. Getting the original target on the puppy is a genuine thrill. Tazy, along with a looking bird and you can a horse, were always brought to high ‘toi’ (celebrations) and you may festivals – these were the actual pleasure out-of a guy.

Into the Kazakh folklore, a pony are an essential mate of a person. They state “He could be maybe not a good ‘jigit’ if he’s never ever sat on the a horse”.

Did you know Main Asia and, such as for example, Kazakhstan is considered to be the most likely put where ponies was in fact tamed? Right now, when these animals lack instance an excellent importance to possess nomads as just before, a great deal of horses will still be bred within the Kazakhstan. Steppe horses will still be an essential element of the latest social society and progressive icon of the nation. Perhaps one of the most well-known of those this is actually the local Kazakh pony reproduce.

Pet from the reproduce was universal, similarly a good throughout categories of uses: because the a pony getting driving, because the a great workhorse, and you may a way to obtain beef and you may dairy. A key element of one’s Kazakh breed of kazakh horses try the highest power and you can emergency, which is important for existence on the steppes, growing from the temperatures of one’s june toward frost away from cold weather. This feature tends to make that it pony right for sports competitions also where electricity and emergency be essential versus speed away from the pet.

The menu of “Sprinkle і Kazyna” closes that have an effective firearms (Sabers, bow and you may arrows, “kamshy-pyshak” – a sharp blade which had been invisible regarding the handle of one’s horsewhip, etcetera.), that will not fail inside combat; and you will complete knowledge that will help your when planning on taking just the right road in life and then make wise choices.

Without a doubt, today it’s impossible for everybody to own a personal pony, an excellent tazy puppy, a fantastic eagle – a civilization, area existence decides their unique rules. But you’ll find guardians of them traditions! Oftentimes it’s genetic berkutchi (an effective falconer), genetic hunters and you can riders. As a result of them in addition to their effort, i’ve got the fresh Connection away from National Recreations for the Kazakhstan, along with bing search that have google search wild birds; individuals federal incidents plus happen on their effort – falconer celebrations, cultural celebrations, art symposia, and you can sports where ponies is actually a keen ines such as for example baiga, kokpar, kyz-kuu. As a result of these people, anybody can feel closer to the newest nomadic culture off Kazakh some one. You just determine what interest ‘s the closest to your own cardiovascular system and then you may start your trip!

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