Rosa won’t name-drop this lady couples, but relates to them given that “Quinoa” and you may “Couscous” depending on Boyle’s demand

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Rosa won’t name-drop this lady couples, but relates to them given that “Quinoa” and you may “Couscous” depending on Boyle’s demand

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Rosa won’t name-drop this lady couples, but relates to them given that “Quinoa” and you may “Couscous” depending on Boyle’s demand

At the same time, Terry and you will Holt provides determined this new secret voice throughout the broadcast reveal. Terry enthusiastically contacts together with his address. Yet not, he was incorrect. Terry apologizes in order to Holt to own wrangling your with the a good frivolous online game, however the latter realizes that he had enjoyable. The guy enjoyed wasting big date towards some thing fruitless. How most maybe not Holt away from him.

Quinoa places the fresh kibosh on their relationship via text message

Upcoming, we see Boyle is fucking Rosa which have a plethora of questions. Unfortunately, the process dropped lacking success. Boyle releases some other method – he urges Rosa to hang inverted because of the their ft so bloodstream commonly rush to the “decision-making” part of the girl notice. Such as for instance a great bat!

Next, Jake interrogates the fresh new recreations member with Amy during the tow. The brand new light bulb films towards, and you may Jake discovers that Gina is actually the genuine tattler. Gina finds out Jake and you may she shows you your second is heading off a bad street into the high school. Brandon would’ve generated Jake’s lifestyle infinitely even worse. In addition to, Brandon was missing on the reunion as he was into the parole and you can forbidden to go out of Delaware. Jake is actually irritated that have Gina to own making it possible for to be this new scapegoat for 2 decades. Perhaps not toight, neither is it noice.

Rosa completely traditions the girl knowledge out in this new open and you can examining her sexuality

BROOKLYN 9-9 – “The brand new Tattler” Event 603 – Pictured: (l-r) Andy Samberg given that Jake Peralta, Melissa Fumero given that Amy Santiago – (Photographs from the: Vivian Zink/NBC)

Later on, Holt with Terry, Hitchcock and you will Scully for the next round of your own radio reveal video game. He can’t waiting to regale Kevin together with his newfound education – that having a great time are going to be senseless. Introducing lifestyle to the almost all the human being race, Holt.

Upcoming, Gina is actually conversing with another classmate on the committing to the lady bogus software idea. Unfortunately, he will not remain working together along with her immediately following discovering that she are sleeping. Jake swoops in and offer an outstanding speech raising our very own Linetti to your heavens. But said classmate in addition to acknowledges he is actually sleeping regarding the with experience with startups.

At the same time, Rosa continues to be dangling upside down. Boyle’s actions try futile, and Rosa are zero tips nearer to determining whom she wants to go out. Boyle feedback that the work fundamentally makes the decision getting Rosa. Thus, Rosa often stick to Couscous. I prefer couscous over quinoa anyways.

Today, Jake and Gina are having a talk. Jake apologizes for being disappointed that have Gina towards tattler part. The guy knows that she had his needs in your mind. Jake urges Gina to get her strengths to better explore – prevent new 99th precinct. If the she desires focus on her own organization, she is always to run one. Gina takes Jake’s pointers and verbally states the woman choice to get rid of the brand new 9-nine. My cardio is completely broken, however, I am hoping we’re going to listen to of Gina powering her very own kingdom down the road.

Season 6 was out over a good initiate, and that i know Brooklyn Nine-Nine keeps you to definitely momentum heading. I’m because if the new shift so you’re able to NBC was a minor refresher toward show by itself. To start with, we know one to Peretti will have her swan song soon. This is actually the very first time we’ll manage a primary profile departure. Let alone, there clearly was nonetheless the fresh new newlyweds life of Jake and you can Amy so you’re able to compete which have. The options is limitless. Here is assured we have to understand more about men and women uncharted seas inside Year six!

Exactly how outlandish and fabulous do you consider Gina’s “swan tune” might possibly be? Commonly Holt retaliate against Commissioner Kelly? Speaking of Kelly, is that the title out-of Scully’s wife or their dog? Sign-up me personally in the future when i recap Brooklyn Nine-Nine, right here to your Nerd Girl Power.

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