About Guru

Swami Asang  Dev “Bhaiya ji” was born on 6th March in a village called Kilapurkala  in Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh.  His Father, Guljari Lal was a farmer and mother Rajrani was high thinking women. His Parents called him Ladle Mohan with love. He was good in study but always have interest in help to poor peoples from his childhood days. Most of followers were called him “Bhaiya ji“ with respect and love. He also had good knowledge about Urdu language. His mind was very sharp and had good memory power since from young age. After completed his study, he started a job in government office.

He was living his life but thousands of thoughts were always there in his mind. He was always ask questions from himself but did not get the satisfactory answers and curiosity of finding answers, gave him a new aim of his life. After some time, he left his home (place) for meet his subjects.

Bhaiya Ji initially went outside of his village and began his ascetic life. He began begging to full fill his basic needs like foods. During it, he met with his first guru Ramadhar Maharaj. His guru gave him a path for enlightenment. His guru was also known as Asang Dev. Finally Bhaiya ji started his spiritual journey from Haridwar. He had walked several miles beyond the places such as Kedarnath, Badrinath, Nepal, Tibbat and Himalaya. He travelled extensively all over india.

Once upon a time when he was walking in the Forest of Nilgiri Mountain, suddenly a voice strike on his ear and said“AA GAYE TUM ITNA SAMAY LAGA DIYA AANE ME”. He was a great saint Surya Dev Avdhut and second guru of Bhiaya ji. He spent several years with his guru and learn more about human soul and mind. Bhaiya ji was always favourite student of his gurus. He came back again in the social world for enlightenment of surrounding peoples. He was always said, Everyone can win the hate from love. Bhaiya ji was very simple and high thinking man. He shared many thoughts with his followers:




Bhaiya ji have unique magnetic power which attracts people and everyone wants to spend more time with him. Then he took first step for establish the ashram in Jalalabad. At that  time Jalalabad was rebel area for people but choose this place for specific aim and manav kalyan. After that he opened the school with ashram for illiterate child of villagers. Time was continuous running according to watch but Bhaiya ji was come on earth for specific goal. He started bhandara  in his ashram in winter season. In this function, most of followers and needy people were come in ashram. But Bhaiya ji is very punctual so breakfast, lunch and dinner were complete on time. Bhiaya Ji was spending several minutes with his devotees.  Everyone was feel happiness, peace and self confidence in his ashram.


He left his body June 9, 1999 from this world at Lucknow Ashram. Body of Bhaiya ji was as a normal man but his soul is great saint which is alive now between us.