About ashram

Situated in Jalalabad, Shahjahanpur(U.P.). Swami Asang Dev Guru Ashram or “Bhaiya Ji Ashram” is the place of beauty, peace and happiness. The Influence of positive vibration at this ashram is so strong that devotees forget their worries and feels relief with self confidence. In the morning, Everyone wake up through sounds of birds and Guru Bhajans which give us happiness and spiritual energy. Peoples share his thoughts and personal experience with each other which flows love in the environment.

Most of followers of “Bhaiya ji” come from different region, cast and family background but when they enter in the ashram then all people feel as a part of one family. Everyone works together like cleaning ashram, preparation for Ramayana Path, Havan (Yagya) arrangement, Bandara arrangement etc. All parents (shishya) tell the story of “Bhaiya ji” to his child and memorize the old time of his life which gives us the inspiration.  This knowledge and belief is rotating generation to generation of human life.

We celebrate Bhaiya ji’s birthday on 6th March at Lucknow ashram and also celebrate Punyatithi on 10th June at Jalalabad Ashram. On these dates we gathers at one place  and organizing the function which is shared by thousand of devotees. Number of thousands saints and sadhus come in this function every year. More than thousands of people have scared food in row at one time.

Infrastructure of ashram is very unique. We have very big entry gate which is made from thin iron sheet. Everyone can see ”Samadhi Asthal” from entry gate of ashram. “Samadhi Asthal” is covered by three side with large open windows for fresh cool air and sunlight. We are also running one school in ashram which was open by “Bhaiya ji” for illiterate villager child. Just left side of Samadhi Asthal, we have mediation room in basement. This room is covered by flower garden and green plants. Just beside of mediation room ashram have big playground for school students. The door of ashram is always open for those peoples who want to achieve goals of life and moving towards way of moksa.